Hunter Douglas Roman Shades for Your Home

Modern Roman Shades

Save money with beautiful customizable roman shades. Roman shades are very popular because they are timeless, with simple and fluid lines, are versatile and easy to use and maintain.

Good for Big or Small Windows

If you have tall windows reaching as high as 2 storeys, you need a shade that will complement the large glass panels and will look good both from the outside and on the inside. With the advent of contemporary architectural designs come wide glass panels in practically every room of modern houses. In with high ceilings, airy modern home designs; out goes the old ways of window shades and bulky curtains. But this does not mean that roman shades are only good with modern designed homes.

Roman shades are also very good even if you have eclectic or country style; small windows or rooms.

Black Roman Shades

Why Choose Roman Shades?

Roman shades are the top choice of homeowners for the following reasons:

1. Functionality

Roman shades can filter the strong light of the sun but still allows natural light to come through the room by using light sheer materials. If you want roman shades that will totally keep the sun out, you can use blackout roman shades. If you want something in the middle, double roman shades will be very practical although more expensive than the traditional single fabric roman shades.

2. Durability

Since roman shades require only few pieces of materials in setting them up, and have very little moving parts, with only the single vertical fabric moving up and down, they are low maintenance and tend to have long life span as long as the life span of the fabric used.

3. Budget

There is a wide array of materials for roman shades that will definitely suit your budget to choose from. The branded roman shades offer discounts and clearance sales from time to time. If you want to do it yourself, there are roman shade kits being sold online. Another option is for you to buy the textile from fabric shops and the rest of the materials from sewing or curtain shops.

4. Style

Roman shades can be more elegant or toned down depending on your choice of fabric, pleats and add-ons. The pleats can be bigger, smaller, more or less, depending on your taste. The pattern on the fabric can also define whether you want clean look, eclectic design, country feel or classic elegant ambience.

5. Colors

Since you can buy any fabric or material you want, the color that you will choose will only be limited with your personality, room decors and furniture colors.

6. Texture

Roman shades are not limited to fabrics. Other materials that you can use include natural grass like bamboo or jute; wood and other synthetic materials.

7. Uniqueness and Customization

And most importantly, no matter how many of your neighbors put up roman shades in every single room of their homes, you can have a unique window treatment that suit your own personality and style simply because roman shades are easy to do it yourself or have experts do for you and thus customization can be done to your liking.

Making Custom Roman Shades

Custom-Made Roman Shades

Isn’t it frustrating to go to a furniture and fixture shop selling items for the interior and exterior of the house and seeing the prices are as bright as every single shiny detail on each product? How many people get heartbroken after falling in love with something they would like to hang on their wall but the price once again kept them hanging?

Sometimes people do not realize that they have been constantly relying on these stores to provide them with creative products and so they forgo being creative themselves. Why come up with a creative project to hang on the wall when these stores have thought of it and built it for me, all I have to do is pay them and hang it myself right?

The problem with always relying on these fixtures from stores, they may represent a part of what we like but these products cannot fully capture our concepts and interests. The sad thing about this is that in the end, buying all these fixtures will turn our homes more like stores and not some place that we can completely call our own.

No wonder why kids are not allowed to play near mom’s expensive vases or no one is allowed to step on the carpet if they just got home. Doesn’t it feel weird to feel stiff around your own home? When you look at the different fixtures and decors in your home do you see yourself or the money you just spent?

People can always make their home their own without having to spend more than they are willing to. They can start with window treatments because windows are very important parts of the room. Windows are needed for ventilation and to make the room feel open and breathable.

Roman shades for example are examples of fixtures which can be used as window treatments or shades for the outdoor areas. People can come up with custom roman shades to make their windows look warmer and inviting. They can always start with the fabric for roman shades that use fabric especially the ones used in the interior.

There are varieties of fabrics that people can use. From texture to color to print, fabric options are endless and people can get creative as much as they want. In addition to fabric people can always sew in details such as beads making patterns or highlighting patterns in the fabric.

Another way to make custom roman shades is to paint the fabric or the wood used for the outdoor roman shades. People can come up with a design where in when the roman shade is gathered, it has a certain pattern or drawing and when it is opened fully, a larger and more beautiful pattern will be revealed.

Making custom roman shades is a great start for making the rest of the home more personalized. Paying attention to what our own interests are and not what is always trendy will help people to come up with an environment that is more livable and comfortable for them.

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Why Cordless Shades are Cordless

Trouble-Free Cordless Shades

The reason why manufacturers came up with a window treatment that is cordless is probably the same reason why people have to keep their shoe laces tied. Window treatments over the years have been pulled up and down using a cord attached to the bottom end but certain problems come with leaving a cord hanging.

People who have little kids or pets running around the house may actually understand how it feels to know that the window treatment was hanging on the upper area of the window and all of the sudden it all over the floor. Of course the only way that would happen is when someone had pulled it down.

The traditional window treatments such as the window blinds also use the cord. This time the cord is found on one side of the window treatment which is expected to pull the entire window treatment evenly. However sad to say, this cord is not enough to pull the window treatment up or down evenly. Eventually one side gets stuck and people end up with a fan.

The cord was seen as an important part of the window treatment. People used to think that without it they will not be able to pull the whole thing open. What people usually miss is that the cord in not the window treatment. Nowadays, more people have realized that the window treatments can work well, even better without the cord.

This is how the cordless shades came to be. People can now handle the window treatment manually by pulling the body itself. This way, people can pull the window treatment evenly without having to worry about one part getting stuck to one side. They can use both hands.

Others have an easier way to open or close the cordless shade. They use remote controls. Now people do not even have to touch the window treatment to open or close it. Seeing the shades pulling up or down on its own can be such a relaxing sight.

Cordless shades are safer for families with children or pets. The string will not attract them to pull down the window treatments which can fall on them leading to injury or damage of the window treatment. Parents and homeowners can simply gather the body of the shades neatly to keep it out of reach of children.

More and more people are appreciating the efficiency of the cordless shades. Whether they are operated manually or opened using a remote control, people will surely enjoy the new way to open and close a window treatment. This is a window treatment that has safety and comes with style.

Now people will be able to appreciate their windows more since handling the window treatment that highlights it is easy to use. People will look forward to opening their window treatments not just to see what is beyond the windows, but for the fun of opening or closing the window treatment without having to pull a cord or worrying about pulling it the wrong way.

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Taking Care of Cordless Pleated Shades

Cordless Pleated Shades

When people install something into their homes naturally they would want this fixture to stay as long as possible so that they will be able to enjoy its function longer as well. It would be very frustrating to have to buy new fixtures regularly because they get easily damaged.

There is a specific fixture meant for every corner of the house with a distinct function. Window treatments for example are meant to help the windows by enhancing the way it looks and by enabling the window to control certain elements from the outdoors that should not be found indoors.

The cordless pleated shades are examples of modern window treatments that are installed windows nowadays. When there is an innovated product people have to understand how it works in order to be able to take care of it so they may enjoy its benefits for a longer period of time.

The cordless pleated shades are different from the other window treatments. The way this window treatment is taken care of may be different from the way the other window treatments are maintained. People have to know how to handle this treatment for it to function well.

First of all proper installation is the first step to a long lasting and efficient window treatment. Proper installation is the foundation for the window treatment to work accordingly and function as well as it should. Following installation instructions and proper tools are needed.

Next people should know how the window treatments work. They should understand why the window treatment is cordless and how it should be opened or closed. Nowadays not all window treatments are opened by pulling it downwards or pulling it sideways.

The window treatments such as the cordless pleated shade can be opened by pulling it upwards or downwards depending on the design. The way the window treatment is opened may either be done manually or by using a remote control. If people fail to determine how it works then there is a tendency for them to forget and pull it the wrong way.

Another basic and practical way is to keep the window treatment clean. Window treatments are prone to accumulate dirt and dust. This may not immediately cause damage to the window treatment but it could be hazardous to the health of the people who live in the house.

On the part of the window treatment, keeping it clean will prevent the organisms such as mold and mildew to accumulate on the parts of the window treatment especially if it is made of wood. The mold and mildew can eat the wooden fibers and cause the material to rot and be damaged, not to mention the look and smell along with it.

The cordless pleated shades will function depending on its structural design but for how long it will be working will be dependent on how people look after them. If people pay much attention to their window treatments then their window treatments will work well for them for a longer period of time.

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Advantages of the Cordless Cellular Shades

Functional Yet Stylish Cellular Shades

The climates on the different parts of the world vary. It is as cold as it is warm in some places. The differences in the climate determine what people will need to stay comfortable inside their own homes.

Temperature has always been a big factor in determining the feel of the house. Of course it would follow that people who live in cold places need to be kept warm and those living in hot places find ways to stay cool. Ironically these people living in these opposite places do not want to move to the place which has a different climate.

So how do people deal with the extreme and opposite temperatures? For some people especially in the places where they experience all four seasons, how do they cope with the change in temperature?

The most common solutions would be to have heaters and air conditioners. But did you know that the temperature of a room may also be controlled by a window treatment? The cordless cellular shades were designed to do more than just hang on windows, look stylish and keep the sunlight outdoors.

The structure of every honeycomb shaped cell is designed to keep in the needed energy depending on the season. During the warm season, the honeycomb cells keep the warm air out and keep the cool air in the cells. So other than keeping the unwanted light from the sun outdoors, it also keeps the heat out and makes the room cooler.

On the other hand when it comes to the very cold seasons, the honeycomb cells of the cordless cellular shades do the opposite. They store the heat in the cells to warm up the room. This increases the temperature in the room and can serve as a helping hand to the heater by sharing the work of warming up the room.

The other types of window treatments were most likely designed to shade the interior of the room, not to keep it warm or cool when the need arises. The material and the structure of other window treatments do not allow them to be able to work on temperature the way the cordless cellular shade can.

Using the natural energy from the outdoors, the cordless cellular shade keeps what people needs for the interior of their house and protects it from the unwanted elements, keeping them outside. Because of this people get to enjoy more than a shaded room, they get to experience a room with controlled temperatures making it more comfortable.

When it comes to style, it simply follows that the look of the cordless cellular shades are in trend. Or it could be the other way around where in the rest of the room adjusts to the window treatment. This all depends on the personal taste of the homeowners.

They can be creative in terms of color and shade of the window treatment and still be able to enjoy the many benefits that come with the cordless cellular shades. Energy friendly, stylish, and simple.

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Stylish Shaded Areas using the Coolaroo Shades

Stylish and Efficient Coolaroo Shade

The heat coming from the sun nowadays is hotter compared to a few decades ago. As much as people would want to spend more time outdoors to play with their kids or have a barbeque party with friends, the heat coming from the sun is not as tolerable as it used to be.

Too much exposure would be fatal for the skin and instead of enjoying their time outdoors people will end up regretting that they stayed too long under the sun. In fact, getting a tan or worse, a sun burn, nowadays will only take less than a few hours of exposure to the sun.

So how can people enjoy their weekends having a pool party with the neighbors in their backyard without regretting it the very next day? How can people enjoy their day outside without having to worry about peeling a few days after?

Of course when it comes to taking care of the skin there are several things than can be applied on our skin to keep it from being damaged by the UV rays of the sun. However, wouldn’t it be better if people will be able to protect themselves even before the rays of the sun hits their skin?

Other than the usual sun block applied to the skin people can protect themselves by creating shaded areas on their backyard or other outdoor spaces surrounding their house where in they usually spend their time. The protections should not only begin on the skin but the outdoor environment should be a protected one as well.

People have found different ways to protect themselves from the sun. One would be to have trees planted around the house and the backyard. Trees are the pioneer in outdoor shading however there are also disadvantages when having trees as the only shades for the backyard.

Trees, especially the big ones can take care of themselves. They make their own food and even know where to find water. However trees do not know how to clean after themselves, and so it is up to people to pick up and sweep after them. Dealing with leaves could be a handful especially when the season is towards fall.

Because the leaves fall off and when the time comes where in there are only branches left, then the tree would not be able to provide shade on the backyard. Even when the sun seems to be hiding, its rays along with the burning, can still reach people’s skin and so shade is still needed.

The coolaroo shades are modern shades made of a special fabric. They are triangular fabric and they are easily installed. People can simply choose an area that they would like to keep shaded and install the triangular shade in that area. A simple hook on the three corners of the fabric can put the shade in place.

Coolaroo shades can make the backyard look stylish in a minimalist way. There are no trimmings or special curvy edges, they are simple and they work well. People can install more than one coolaroo shade to cover more space. Now people can have a stylish shaded area all year round with the coolaroo shades.

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Cloth Roman Shades are Better Used Indoors

Beautiful Cloth Roman Shades Used Indoors

Fabric is one of the most important elements used for the interior and outdoor areas of the house. The fabrics used in the different parts of the house create a certain feel of comfort. It can give rough or stiff rooms a smooth finish. Without fabrics the different parts of the house including furniture and fixture would not only be dull but very uncomfortable.

There are different parts of the house that use fabrics. They are incorporated in furniture and fixtures. The fabrics used vary depending on where it is used and whether these fabrics are used for a certain function or they are simply used to make the room look good.

Among the different uses for fabric are window treatments. Naturally when it comes to window treatments and fabrics, usually the very first thing that would come to mind is the traditional curtain drapes. This traditional window treatment however is not the only one that is used on windows nowadays.

Among the new window treatments are the roman shades. These are window treatments that look like blinds but also have fabric. There are different types of roman shades as well, but the one which uses fabric are the cloth roman shades. This type of roman shade is meant to be used for the interior part of the house.

Cloth roman shades can be made with different types of fabrics in terms of color, print and texture. Although it’s primary function would be to shade the interior of the room from the natural light outdoors, on the creative and decorative side these window treatments are also meant to brighten up the room.

There are other types of roman shades which are not made with fabric like the roman shades made entirely of bamboo. This type of roman shade can withstand the natural elements of nature. The fabric on the roman shades for the interior on the other hand makes it vulnerable and prone to damages.

The roman shades made with fabric is for the interior parts of the house. They can also be used for offices to create privacy. Since innovation and incorporation of interior designs have lead to glass walls, then it is up to fixtures such as roman shades to provide privacy for these offices without making the area look too stiff or uncomfortable.

People have to know that there is a proper place for the different types of roman shades. The ones made of fabric may give the outdoors an elegant and stylish look but maintaining it would be a headache if people force to use it for the outdoors.

Indoors, people can use fabrics with different colors from bleach white to the darkest shades of browns. Outdoors, the fabric has more chances of getting stained. Usually outdoors, the roman shades are more of shades than window treatments. The ones used indoors are installed on windows or used as dividers.

The cloth roman shades have great effects on the windows and they should be used outdoors unless people have the time and patience to maintain it and keep it looking clean despite all the natural elements that can keep it looking dirty. Using the roman shades properly will lead people to having the kind of effect they wand on their windows.

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Where to Buy Cheap Roman Shades

Even Cheap Roman Shades Can Be Very Attractive

People nowadays try to make things fit within their means. For this reason, despite wanting to buy the more expensive branded things, people will settle with those that are more affordable. But just because they are spending less does not mean that they are getting less. From being practical, people found several ways to not just make things fit but things look good especially when it comes to their furniture and fixture.

There are different ways to save on furniture and fixtures for the house. Often times the need of people to spend less for something they would like to have leads to find stores which sell more affordable products which can work as well as those that are expensive or the popular brands.

Among the different fixtures that people spend for in their homes whether in the interior or the exterior are the window treatments. We all know how important it is to have window treatments. These fixtures help to keep privacy in the room or contribute to the overall look of the interiors.

Knowing the importance of the window treatments, people will see it as something they will have to spend for. Although the need for the window treatment is dire, it can also be bought from places where it can be bought at an affordable price.

The roman shades are very popular window treatments. They are currently found in braded shops for interior decors and the ones sold in those stores usually look so attractive, people might suddenly want to spend more, even beyond their means.

However, sometimes even cheap roman shades can work as good as the ones that are expensive. People who are very practical know where to buy these window treatments. These practical people also know that affordable roman shades can still look as attractive as the expensive ones.

For people who would like to try out the practical way of buying things there are several places they can try to visit where they can buy the cheap roman shades. People are usually attracted by boutiques of branded interiors because of the posh looking store. Somehow there is still an authenticity and a sense of fulfillment in finding something that looks as expensive in a not so expensive store.

It is just like finding treasure in a pile of rocks.

People can always go to the departments stores in malls where there are general merchandise of almost everything. They can usually find the affordable roman shades there. If they feel that the prices are not as cheap as they would hope them to be then they can go to other stores.

Surplus shops of furniture and fixtures are great places to find affordable window treatments. Some of the products here may even be of the expensive brands. The defects are usually workable and people can always find ways to make the look of the window treatment work.

Sometimes people do not really have to go beyond their neighborhood to find these inexpensive roman shades. They can watch out for garage sales and make the most of the window treatments they may find there.

Being practical and finding alternatives in order to buy cheap roman shades is like a treasure hunt. And finding these window treatments will definitely feel fulfilling in the end.


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Being Practical When Buying Roman Shades

Vignette Roman Shades

With everything getting more and more expensive, it is most likely that people only spend for their needs and set aside their wants until they can afford to buy them. As people focus more on saving up and less about other things like style and creativity, and so they lose some color in their life.

Time and money are two important yet seemingly scarce elements that people live on. But these should not be reasons why people have to live in one part of their life alone. There are ways to make things fit and fall in order. It is simply going for alternatives or looking for more appropriate ways to deal with the situation.

People have grown to live the opposite way these days. They live more in their offices than they do in their own homes. The result of this is often the neglect of the condition of the house. And sad to say for some people, no matter how hard they work they cannot even afford a house keeper to help them manage at least some parts of their house.

However there are still other people who make it a point to spend time to take care of their homes. Making sure that their house still feels like a home and looks like a descent one as well. Even with simple details like window treatments, can really make a difference.

Roman shades are the now trendy window treatments. They are simple and stylish with a clean finish. They are great for shading the interior of the room or creating a private space for an office area. The roman shades are very easy to install, as well as easy to maintain.

But even for a simple window treatment as the roman shades, some people still find it difficult to find the time or resources to buy this window treatment to add some style to their windows. For people who would like to have roman shades of their own, but do not have the time or think they are too expensive, all they need to do is find some alternatives.

Here are a few ideas to make buying roman shades easy and affordable. One of the best places to find a roman shade window treatment is during garage sales. Some people may have replaced their old roman shades for newer ones. This is an opportunity for you to come up with ways to recreate this roman shade and give it a personal touch.

The things that could cause the roman shade to become expensive are the material being used. When buying roman shades that are affordable, try going for the ones which are made of cheaper fabrics which still have the elegant look. Or another way to save up is to buy the ones with plastic imitations of wooden or metal dowels.

Sometimes being practical is the key to managing the different things that cannot go together. Like buying roman shades, or any other fixture in the house sometime the brand does not really matter but the way the fixture has been installed and presented in the house.



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Where to Put Bamboo Roman Shades

Relaxing Bamboo Roman Shades

When it comes to trying out something new for the interior of their home people will usually have hesitant feelings. A feeling if uncertainty always comes with dealing with something new to us. These doubts and hesitations often lead people to play it safe and so they do not get to explore more when it comes to decorating and expressing their own sense of style.

The inspiration for coming up with interesting and usual changes in the interior of the home often comes from new experiences which people usually acquire from travelling. Visiting places with cultures that is a complete opposite of their own can be a refreshing source of inspiration for decorating the homes.

However people are concerned with making it work in their own homes hoping that the changes in their decors will work well enough as it had for the source of inspiration. This thought often brings about indecision to people thus they think twice before actually creating changes with their interiors.

The bamboo roman shades for example, are widow treatments or outdoor shades that originated from the eastern side of the world. They are mostly used by Asians or those somewhere in the Middle East. These are used to shade people in these areas from the heat.

The origin of the bamboo shade may become a reason for people from the western part of the world, to doubt whether this shade or window treatment will work for their environment. The difference in environment from the source to those who would like to adopt the fixture also creates a problem for people to truly know how and where to use the bamboo shades.

Bamboo roman shades are very flexible fixtures. They can be used as window treatments from the interior side of the house. It is simply just like bringing in a little bit of nature indoors. However, bamboo shades cannot just simply be incorporated with any interior design theme.

If the living room is Victorian inspired then most probably, the bathroom shades will not fit in. Sometimes to simply adapt to a single new fixture, the entire room must adapt as well. The bamboo shade can become a source of inspiration to create a change in the concept of the interior design of the room.

More than any place inside the house, the bamboo shades work best outdoors. They can inspire a porch leading to a Japanese garden. They can create an oriental feel with I little season of the beach or somewhere out of town. The bamboo shades can do so much for the outdoor settings.

The bamboo shades also provides enough privacy that will not over power the view outside. When used outdoors, the shades blend right in with the atmosphere. Even when they are left hanging open, they create some sort of anticipation to see what lies beyond the bamboo shades.

Despite the unusual features of the bamboo roman shades, they can still work well even in the most unexpected places of the interiors of the house. All it takes is a few risks and learning how to mix and match the familiar with something a bit foreign.

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The Bamboo Pull Up Shades Best for Nature Lovers

Although walls were originally built to keep certain elements out, we cannot deny that that bringing in a bit of nature as part of the home’s interior also brings in a refreshing feeling. There is always something about having a fresh bunch of lilies or a little shrub in a vase hanging somewhere inside the room.

For people who do not want to take in soil inside their homes because they fear dearly for their carpets, they can bring in nature through the window. Having a view of the outdoors through a huge window is their way to bring in nature. The openness that the window brings and the rich colors of the outdoors also give the room a distinct feel.

The reason why people like to incorporate a bit of nature into their interiors is probably because of the effect and the feel of having something alive and fresh in t

Bamboo Shades brings you closer to mother nature

he room. It becomes a proof that the room is livable and breathable. The natural colors that these elements possess also bring a touch of authenticity to the room.

However because there is a tendency for plants to die especially when they are placed indoors, they require constant care and attention. Sad to say a lot of people do not have the luxury of time to look after the plants and give it ample attention. Because of this a lot of people prefer not to keep plants inside their homes.

Good thing there are alternatives and these things can still bring an authentic feel and a bit of nature to the room. Wooden furniture for example is known to have a distinct quality especially when the furniture is made from good wood. Weaved fixtures from dried barks or vines also give the authentic nature-like feel to the room.

Some people even replace their window treatments from fabric to fibers of trees made into window shades. Speaking of window treatments, there are several of these made from bamboo or wood. Instead of fabric for curtains, or the plastic sheets for the blinds, people can use the wooden blinds or the bamboo roll up shades.

Bamboo roll up shades are great both for the indoors and the outdoors. Like roman shades they work like blinds except they do not have fabric incorporated with them. The bamboo shades are preserved equal strips of bamboo that may work like window blinds.

These bamboo shades are great for interiors with wooden furniture and fixture and the concept is more of a rugged or nature-like theme. They are not as expensive as other window treatments, and being made from bamboo, these shades are light and can be worked with easily.

These shades are very practical and economical, they work well for homes in warm places because unlike curtains made from fabric, the bamboo shades creates a breeze like feel in the room.

Imagine having a window that does not only open up to the outdoors but is shaded by a bit of it as well. The bamboo pull up shades brings in the beauty of nature even before people start opening their windows.


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